At the Penventon there’s nothing we enjoy more than our food… except perhaps the wine we serve with it. It’s our love of wines that made us want to establish a notable wine list; we currently have 170 wines… we will aim to have many, many more. 
And, not only that, but we believe that fine wine should be affordable, so as a result we only mark our better wines up by a fixed amount. Bringing excellent wines to match our excellent food at a price where you can have a second… or even a third bottle. 
Many wines available today still require a few more years of bottle age to be at their finest. Therefore, we are currently buying and laying down our wines for 3 years time, so we will be able to eventually offer you well-aged vintages. Luckily for you, we actually started collecting wine for our cellars in 2017, ready for this moment. 
To present so many wines, we have decided to ‘go digital’, where you can read all about our wine on an iPad, prior to buying it. Filled with each wine’s history, tasting notes and some stories behind us buying them or when, and how we first discovered them. But we’ve also dedicated an entire website to our wine offerings, which you can see here.
We are also in the process of building our Tasting Rooms, and these will be quite sensational but you’ll have to wait for that… 
This is an experience we want everyone to enjoy, so if there’s anything you don’t see, please let us know by emailing