Wine Tasting- A taste of Piedmont, Italy

A taste of piedmont penventon wine tasting in cornwall

To all of you wine buffs out there…

Recently we have taken a dive into many of the delectable wines that Italy has to offer with a series of wine tastings, and discovered for ourselves why it is one of the top producing wine regions in the world. Believe us, it was no unfavourable task to do so – every second was filled with luscious aromas and superb tastes we wish we could savour.



With ten individual wine tasting sessions, we discovered new wines that we will now continuously recommend… familiar wines that still hold up… and some unusual wines that will split opinions – making for a good conversation, of course.

Why we have decided to delve into the wines of Italy? We’re building a sensational wine list with some of the world’s greatest wines, to feature in our Copper Bar. Next up, France, Spain, and some ‘up and coming’ in the New World. Safe to say, there are some exciting weeks ahead of us!

Our wine list is not our only goal, eventually, our tastings will result in celebrating some of the best varietals and regions around, which we plan to do through hosting wine dinners, wine tastings and wine flights.

Did somebody say wine and cheese night?!


The first wine tasting: The great wines of Piedmont.


Cornwall Penventon wine tastings barolo

La Giustiniana, ‘Lugarara’ Gavi di Gavi DOCG 2020
G.D. Vajra, Barbera d’Alba DOC 2019
G.D. Vajra, Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2020
Corino Giovanni di Corino Giuliano, Langhe DOC, Nebbiolo 2018
Anna Maria Abbona, Dogliani DOCG, Sori Dij But 2020
Bruno Rocca, Barbaresco ‘Curra’ DOCG 2018
Massolino, Barolo DOCG ‘Parussi’ 2017


Penventon wine tastings barbaresco in cornwall


Wine 1 – Gavi di Gavi:

This single-vineyard wine had immediately beguiling aromas of stone fruit and lime peel. This was a good wine to start with based on its delicate yet persistent finishing flavours of fresh green apples.

Wine 2 – Barbera d’Alba:

The bright violet colour was eye-catching, but it was its complexity that got us talking! Which food dishes it would go best with was a big topic, ultimately it seemed that it would pair well with a range of meals.

Wine 3 – Dolcetto d’Alba:

Talk about harmony… the perfectly balanced flavours made this a true pleasure to drink.

Wine 4 – Nebbiolo:

With a fine combination of cherry and earthy aromas, we were excited about the taste. It did not disappoint… believe us, this was a treat!

Wine 5 – Doglini:

Like a rush of flavour attacking our senses, this was packed with red fruit tasting notes (raspberry was agreed upon the most!). It was one of the firm favourites.

Wine 6 – Barbaresco `Currà`:

This was superb, we all agreed that the fruit flavours shone through, yet it still managed to retain its structure. Perfect.

Wine 7 – Barolo `Parussi`:

Originating in a small 23-hectare estate producing some of the greatest, most structured and long-lived Barolo wines. With a hint of balsamic on the nose followed closely by deep red fruits. The vigorous and powerful taste made us glad that we saved it for last.

Cornwall Penventon wine tastings Italy


Our ‘visit’ to Piedmont was such a pleasure. We look forward to sharing our other wine tastings with you!



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