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The Penventon is a successful, family run and long established prestigious Hotel set in 8 acres of its own grounds. Our commitment is to provide excellent customer experiences in a traditional and lively environment. As a busy all year around venue, we are often on the look-out for experienced candidates who can ‘add something’ to the high standard of experience we aspire to provide for our customers and also for those who can offer leadership within our team. If you think you have what it takes, email your CV to

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Cocktail Bar - Mixologist

At the Penventon Park Hotel we are currently re positioning ourselves, building upon 50 years of catering experience. Our bar and restaurant experience is central to our brand, delivering affordable luxury informally to discerning guests. To commence we are investing £200,000 into the bar and restaurant and then continuing throughout the whole hotel. We are looking for someone to bring flair to our mixology; something awesome! You will work alongside a Sommelier and Bar Manager to create a really memorable experience. Take a look at our ideas below, we will be offering training in some of the missing skills so you can grow with us. Send us over your CV of your journey so far and a covering letter explaining why you think this would fit with you. Join us at the beginning of our journey while we create something quite special.

The purpose of the job:

To create an awesome memorable drink experience that makes the target markets come back again and again. Ultimately the hotel needs to be a place where people can escape the day to day realities of life having time away where they can re connect and have some fun.

Drinks are a crucial part of our idea of a night away.

To do this you will need to …….

Assist in the creation of a fun, lively, sophisticated, stylish bar and lounge drinking experience, aiming at informed and discerning drinkers being leisure residents, empty-nesters still at work, semi -professionals, couples and 30ish year old local professionals. Our guests come to escape the day to day reality’s indulging in a charming fantasy. The experience needs to be worldly and luxurious and you will need to be flexible. The offering needs to be affordable luxury hence we need to be generous. We are informal and laid back.

How we interpret this:

Fun: We need you to entertain people with some flair and theatrics.

Lively: You will be lively yourself when interacting with our guests, upbeat.

Sophisticated: A worldly knowledge of skills and cocktails from around the world.

Discerning: Our guests are knowledgeable in what is right, they are travelled and have experienced the offerings in the country of origin e.g., when making an old fashioned, they know the difference between Rye and Bourbon they understand that orange bitters adds another dimension beyond just Angostura Bitters they know that most maraschino cherries are poor and that Luxardo cherries are the best in the world. They have drunk Old Fashions in Kentucky and have eaten Luxardo cherries in Venice. To delight a discerning guest, we need to be the real deal, authentic. Our guests no longer have to go to the States to enjoy a well-crafted Old Fashioned they can experience it in Cornwall.

We see mixology as bar alchemy maybe not turning base metals into gold but definitely turning spirits into cool cocktails with some mysticism with the blending of flavours and colours and glass receptacles.

Luxury: What do we mean by luxury? High quality glassware, coasters, branded spirits, cool products, high skill, attentive and friendly service, really clean, fresh products freshly cut, table service, proactive service, this is awesome, all the elements must be awesome, we have to ask ourselves is this the best we can do and always push to be the best we can be, good enough is not an option, is this the best we can buy at the price?

Products need to be high quality and worldly and aiming at our discerning guests. As our discerning guests are people who know and have experienced the product in its country of origin and know what they are talking about, we must be authentic, the real McCoy not the emperor’s new clothes, not hot air we need to know our stuff and deliver it!

Informal/laid back: Not stuffy

Flexible: Adapting how we do things. Although there is a set way of doing things we always go the extra mile to please our guests so we are always flexible in our approach.

Sophisticated: To both have and reveal your knowledge and experience of other cultures and fashions especially in the area of food and drink especially in the area of cocktails.


To create the experience ideally you should…….

Be fun and informal.

Have high energy and a positive attitude.

Have initiative and passion for learning.

Be a real people person with a desire to entertain others with almost theatrical flair, you like to be the centre of attention, you are a person who is interested in others, you remember people’s names and use them, you remember what your customers like, you are outgoing, a person who takes pleasure in pleasing people and gives them what they want.

Be reasonably sophisticated, you like and appreciate the finer things in life, you are either well-travelled or well-travelled on the internet with a passion for other cultures and fashions, you like things done right and know what right is especially when it comes to drinks!

Have good product knowledge, a decent understanding of spirits and the skills in making cocktails.

Be organised and hard working. All this socialising and entertaining and cocktail making is actually quite hard work and people want their drinks really quickly and so you have to be really organised

Be confident in your skills and able and happy to talk to people from all walks of life.

Pay great attention to detail and set and work to high standards.

Hours: Full time 40-45 hours per week over 7 days late nights and weekends essential

Reporting to Bar Manager

Salary according to experience

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