The Heart Of Cornwall

Share the stunning views as you take gentle strolls across our sandy beaches and history driven coastal walks together in the cosy sun.  Even the winter season is beautiful. The crisp leaves fall with a hint of white frost and blanket the pavements for you to walk upon. Create memories for the years to come, where you can come back and retrace your steps you once took together, once more.


Sun, Sand, Sea!

Feel like you've gone abroad whilst relaxing in the sun, with smooth sand, melting between your toes. Maybe take a stroll along a coastal path and breathe in the fresh, salty sea air and enjoy a romantic picnic on the cliff tops. In the evening, grab some driftwood and build up a mini fire, with a cheeky treat of toasted marshmallows, before watching the sun set beyond the sparkling, Mediterranean-like sea. Explore our beaches section for more coastal inspiration.


Unlock the Heart of Heligan

Discover St Austell’s spectacular garden of desire and fantasy. The Garden of Heligan was once lost and then rediscovered in 1990. Under the bedding of rare plants and ivy, it uncovered an abandoned estate dating back to WW1 when the men departed to war.  Set off in the morning for a smooth hour drive, and enjoy a relaxing day of strolling through the enchanting lawns and admiring the photogenic sea views.


Travel to the edge together!

Venture down to the tail of South West England, to Lands End and watch the natural beauty of resilient waves bursting into the strong coastline, whilst having a panoramic view of the striking Cornish coastline. Remember to take a couple of selfies next to the Lands End landmark signpost, for those future memories to look back upon.

St-Michaels-Mount-Cornwall-explore-Penventon-Hotel (1)

King and Queen for a day!

Stroll out along the historic, pebbled path, whilst soaking up the sun at low tide, to St Michael’s Mount in Penzance. The enchanting castle is brimming with incredible stories, history and mystery. Take the journey through the castle together and soak up the life of living like Kings and Queens, with the ancient itinerary to help your imagination. Afterwards, explore the fascinating castle wall gardens where a collection of unlikely plants flourish including Puya, agave and agapanthus.