Our Team

Our team of over 120 staff are ready to welcome you to our charming Georgian mansion hotel.

Aaron Pascoe – Director
Contact: apascoe@penventon.com

Mark Pascoe – Director
Contact: mark@penventon.com

Darren Kaslow – General Manager
Contact: darren@penventon.com

Natacha Colclough – Operations Manager
Contact: natacha@penventon.com

Alex Agnew- Senior Duty Manager
contact: alexander@penventon.com

Sean Preston – Head Chef
Contact: kitchen@penventon.com

Zane Kudle- Restaurant Manager
Contact: zkudle@penventon.com

Agris Smilktens – Bar Manager
Contact: agris@penventon.com

Holly Kaslow – Executive Housekeeper
Contact: holly@penventon.com

Juliet Pascoe – Leisure Club Manager

Contact: juliet@penventon.com

Kelly Semmens – Reception Manager

Contact: ksemmens@penventon.com

Sally Pascoe – Weddings and Events Manager

Contact: sally@penventon.com

Jess Pascoe – Marketing Executive

Contact: jess@penventon.com 

Sarah Blenes – Financial Controller
Contact: sblenes@penventon.com

Laura Pascoe – Personnel Administrator
Contact: lpascoe@penventon.com

Lisa Evans-Crann – Learning & Development Manager

Contact: lisa@penventon.com

Can we help?

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