30 Secrets of Penventon (Part 1)

Did you know that the Penventon Park Hotel is full of historic and exciting stories that you probably didn’t know about? We thought that it was about time to share our stories with you. From ghost stories and Poldark history to gin roulette and designer fabrics, we can’t wait to provide you with the secret details behind the Penventon Park Hotel… Each week throughout April we will be posting 7 of our secrets that you may not know about #30SecretsofPenventon

Secret 1 – The Copper Staircase

Copper Staircase at Penventon Park HotelArtisan Copper Staircase at Penventon Park Hotel

The Copper staircase is the latest addition to the Penventon Park Hotel’s finest collection of hand crafted works. Throughout the hotel, guests can find a number of gorgeous bespoke furnishings and details. The Copper Staircase took two years to design and was built by the UK’s leading artisan copper smith, Michael Johnson from Cornwall’s Newlyn Copper Works. The design was inspired by Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect, who is known as the face of Catalan architecture – the copper was crafted into the shape of acanthus leaves, which is also features on the wallpaper throughout the copper bar area.

The reason why copper was used for the staircase was so we could move away from the conventional staircase and connect with Cornwall’s local mining heritage, something that can be explored close by to the hotel!

Secret 2 – Ralph Lauren in the Lounge

Ralph Lauren Cushion in the Lounge at Penventon Park HotelRalph Lauren Sofa in the Lounge at Penventon Park Hotel

Here at the Penventon Park Hotel we aim to offer laid back luxury through the very small details. Did you know that the fabrics that form some of our cushions in our timeless lounge area have been designed by the incredible Ralph Lauren? The famous paisley fabric provides bold Canterbury red tones that have been carefully placed to form a casual, yet, stylish ambience.

Secret 3 – It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that stand out for us, so we make sure that every single room at the Penventon Park Hotel is accommodated with luxury bath and shower products from Noble Isle, a luxury fragrance company. We have a selection of their exquisite products in our rooms for guests to enjoy, completely complimentary. Check out their range at

Secret 4 – Gin Roulette at the Copper Bar

Bespoke Copper Bar at Penventon Park Hotel Gin Roulette Wheel in the bar at Penventon Park Hotel

Raise your hand if you’re a fellow gin lover! It’s all about having fun in a timeless setting here at the Penventon Park Hotel and our Copper Bar is the perfect place to do just that. With over 160 gins to choose from, we thought that we should offer a unique and theatrical way to explore the flavours that we have on offer. Say hello to the Penventon Gin Roulette. Not sure what flavour gin? Give the wheel a spin!

Secret 5 – The Demelza Suite

Demelza Suite - Poldark - Penventon Park Hotel, Cornwall Demelza Suite - Poldark - Penventon Park Hotel, Cornwall Lady Edith Careek, Penventon Park Hotel, Cornwall

A real escape from the ordinary. Did you know that the original Poldark cast stayed at the Penventon Hotel back in the 1970’s?

Room 17, also known as the Demelza Suite, has the original décor from when the Pascoe family took over the hotel 49 years ago and is the only room in the hotel that features an upstairs area.

The Demelza room has attracted the likes of paranormal experts after rumours of sightings of Lady Edith who took over the residence of The Penventon House from 1867 – 1967 alongside Sir Arthur. Lady Edith was known as a vivacious lady who would entertain extensively and often give soirees in the music room. Sir Arthur and Lady Edith were the last residents to occupy The Penventon as a private home.

Secret 6 – Bespoke Artwork

David Pascoe artwork in the restaurant at Penventon Park Hotel, Cornwall David Pascoe Artwork in the restaurant at Penventon Park Hotel, Cornwall

The Penventon is full of incredible paintings and artwork. David Pascoe, the owner of the hotel, is also a renowned artist – you can find some of his bespoke artwork hanging in the our very own award winning brasserie. Mr Pascoe’s artwork ranges from botanical paintings to pop art and boasts charismatic character, creating an atmosphere throughout the hotel, like no other. When you’re enjoying food from our fine European Brasserie menu, look around the restaurant and try and spot some of these incredible pieces of art.

Secret 7 – Penventon’s Fresh Flowers

Freshly arranged flowers in the Penventon Park Hotel, Cornwall

You might notice beautiful fresh flowers at the entrance and throughout the Penventon Park Hotel during your stay or visit, and we can confirm that we never go without! Our hotel is decorated weekly with an array of fresh lilies, blooms and South African porteas. Of course, if there is a special occasion, then our hotel is spoilt with further bold colours and flower variety.

So there you have it, the first 7 secrets of the Penventon Park Hotel. We have another 23 planned for you, so make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram page so you don’t miss a thing! @PenventonParkHotel

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