Basset’s Cove to Portreath – 1.3 miles

Just a couple of miles from the Penventon Hotel lies Basset’s Cove. This cove lies just over 1 mile south-west of the small seaside town of Portreath.

Few people,including most locals, know that the present Basset’s Cove was formerly known a Spratting Cove and was renamed when the major landowners of the area the Lords de Dunstanville & Basset renamed the larger Basset Cove as Portreath and developed its harbour for tin trading purposes. The large Manor House and Country Park at Tehidy being their former home. The cove can be reached by a rough stony track from the main ‘North Cliffs’ road – the B3301 – and is almost opposite the ‘North Cliff Plantation’ car park of the ‘Tehidy Country Park’. Parking is available at the cove but I would not advise it as the spot is quite unattended and there are better parking areas nearby. Leave the car park following the path up the fairly easy incline onto the cliff. Pass the coastal footpath marker and bear right over the wooden stile. The path remains quite level for a short while beside a wire fence before dropping down sharply into a valley. Recently some improvements to the path have been made with wooden fronted steps making descent easier in muddy conditions. The large island just offshore here is Samphire Island.

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