Mining in Cornwall

The Penventon Hotel is situated right in the heart of British mining history. There are a number of mining attraction within a short radius of the Hotel. The Penventon Hotel was very proud to be chosen and host the International Mining conference, where enthusiasts travels from all around the world for the 3 day event back in 2009.

Mining in Cornwall began in the early Bronze age approximately 2,150 BC and ended with the South Crofty tin mine inMining-in-Cornwall Cornwall closing in 1998. Tin and later also copper were the most productive of the metals extracted: some tin mining continued long after mining of other metals had become unprofitable.

Historically extensive tin and copper mining has occurred in Cornwall, as well as arsenic, silver, zinc and a few other metals. As of 2007 there are no active metalliferous mines remaining. However, tin deposits still exist in Cornwall, and there is talk of reopening South Crofty tin mine. Geological studies were made worthwhile due to the economic importance of mines and quarries: about forty distinct minerals have been identified from type localities in Cornwall, e.g.end ellionite from St Endellion. Quarrying of the igneous and metamorphic rocks has also been a significant industry: in recent times the extraction of kaolin has been the most important economically.Mining-in-Cornwall


(right is the view from Dolcoath Mine towards Redruth taken c 1890)

If you would like to find out more about the history of mining around Redruth follow the link below.

Redruth Tourist Information Visit Redruth – The heart of Cornish Mining


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