Here at the Penventon hotel in Cornwall we are constantly looking for ways to increase sustainability and promote greener tourism. We believe corporate social responsibility leads to a better customer experience and quality of product. Several hotels in Cornwall are now doing their part for the environment and the importance of this is crucial.

Reducing our carbon footprint also benefits our local community and both enhances and sustains our natural environment. Cornwall is such a beautiful place to live and we realise the importance of nurturing the beauty that surrounds us.


Reducing our footprint

Some of the greener steps we have taken as a company are:

  • A dedicated Sustainability Manager to hold meetings and raise awareness/instigate improvements. Objectives are set monthly and then met to maintain steady improvement
  • Regular staff meetings and coaching/continuous encouragement to reduce carbon footprint
  • Our position is made aware to our guests and we promote this on our website, in house and in our emails
  • We email rather than send brochures to save unnecessary waste
  • We recycle bottles, paper, cardboard and printer cartridges
  • Introduced environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Monitor fridge temperatures and ensure they are switched off where possible
  • Encourage guests to be greener, reusing towels and using public transport as much as possible
  • Over 75% of our produce is local including meat, fish, vegetables and ales to name a few!
  • Advice to our customers in the rooms on how to be greener
  • We ensure showers are not left running and the jacuzzi is not left on in the pool area
  • We no longer have a fax machine in Reception. All faxes are recieved by email
  • Our kitchen switch off heat where it is not needed
  • We email brochures where we can and also have downloadable PDF’s on our website to encourage this
  • Minimise use of paper; printing only when needed and double sided
  • We are introducing dual flush toilets into each new bedroom that we renovate
  • All robes and towels are washed at 50 degrees (40 degrees less than they used to be)
  • We support our local economy. Not only by buying locally but we also sponsor and host events for local clubs, charities, schools and colleges
  • We manage the hotel heating efficiently; turning radiators down or off during quiet periods
  • We have created an environmental policy for the hotel
  • We have a compactor; recycling more but it is collected less!
  • We maintain low energy lighting and controls
  • In the last 6 months, since the Green Team were formed and all staff were made aware of the issues, we have used 30,000 less units less of gas and 15,000 less units of electricity compared to last year!

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