DEPARTMENT: Housekeeping

SALARY: Negotiable according to experience

HOURS: 7.30am – 3.30/4.00pm over 7 days


What is the main Purpose of the job? How does it create value?

The Head House Keeper is responsible for the smooth, efficient and productive running of the House Keeping department. The department keeps the Hotel spotlessly clean.  We provide friendly hospitality to our guests and cleanliness is one of the most important aspects of their experience. Your job is to make all this happen on budget.


The job is to make sure the Housekeeping Team clean the rooms well and do not waste time by working efficiently. To make sure all the rooms are clean, well set up and maintained. To make sure the team fulfils their duties as identified in their job guides and codes of conduct.


The hotel sells rooms in which people have a pleasant experience. This encourages them to return again and recommend us to other potential guests. The rooms need to be completely clean with no trace of the previous guest. The rooms must be presented to make them ambient, comfortable and well maintained – everything must work! The guest will have special requirements in their room and these needs to be met, if not exceeded.

The Key Result Areas and Responsibilities.

The role of Head House Keeper is to manage and lead the housekeeping team to:

1. Create a spotlessly clean hotel,

2. Ensure Rooms are set to standard,

3. Make sure all maintenance issues are reported and fixed,

4. Ensure customer requests are fulfilled

5. Achieve wage & stock budgets (£170000.00)


  • A person with proven experience in the hospitality sector with excellent hospitality and interpersonal skills whilst having the ability to be assertive should the situation require it.
  • Be committed to learning new skills and ways of doing things.
  • As with all managerial jobs, it’s about being proactive rather than reactive. Making sure it goes right rather than fixing it afterwards.
  • Initiative is needed to see maintenance issues and get them fixed.
  • Grit is required
  • Attention to Detail is essential
  • Manage oneself.
    • Mood – remain positive. Keep cool under stress. Enthusiastic. Optimistic.
    • Keep motivated. Self motivated. Energetic. Confident
    • Knowing when to act maturely. Accept feedback positively
    • Reliable. Time keeping.
    • Appearance.
    • Commitment to high standards. Hard working. A sense of urgency
    • Build positive working relationships with colleagues and seniors.
      • Be approachable by all the team.
      • Listening skills. Allow others to have their voice. Do not talk down to people.
      • Treat them with dignity. Respect their opinion.
      • Practice team problem solving.
      • Seek win-win. Fairness.
      • Build rapport. Connect to people. You cannot supervise people until you connect positively to them.
      • Be trustworthy and respect others.
      • Influence and guide others.
      • Good verbal communication.
      • Humility.
      • Give and receive instructions.
      • Train don’t blame. Zap don’t sap.
      • Reframe negatives. Keep the big picture in mind.
      • Praise. Give and receive constructive feedback whilst building the person up.
      • Maintain focus.
      • Credibility.
        • Honesty. Actions are consistent with your words.
        • Follow through on promise. Sustain action until you deliver results.
        • Competence.
        • Respect others work / respect their contribution.
        • Emotional fortitude. Keep strong.
        • Integrity. Do the right thing.
Shift Times
Full time :-You will be working 5 days a week from 7:3oam to 4:00pm
Wage depends upon experiance
 Email CV to or post / drop in a CV to Laura Pascoe

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