Meet the Penventon Team

The Penventon employs 120 people; many have been with us for over 20 years. This gives us a depth of skill and experience to make your visit successful.

Meet some of the team below…

Aaron Pascoe

Director/General Manager

I grew up at the Penventon hotel in Cornwall and have helped out since I was 11 years old. At college I received a BSC in Biochemistry. However, as any Cornish person will know, there is  no place like home and, inevitably I ended up back in the County and back at the Penventon.

I have overseen many developments. We aim to provide a more up-to-date offering to clients; continuing to provide our classic reputable service whilst remaining modern where it counts. We have expanded from 45 to 65 bedrooms with the introduction of our luxury Garden Rooms in 2002 and we have invested £300,000 in redevelopment for the oldest parts of the hotel. Our latest addition has been our Venetian Room which was built in 2005 and we have completing a major overhaul of our Corporate Single bedrooms. Last year started with Sarah in our new Spa and also finished re-plumbing the building with low impact boilers; we can now heat the building in a quarter of the time it previously took! This year we are working on our Gardens.

The future of the hotel is bright. We have plans passed which will enable us to build a further 20 bedrooms, a 300 capacity conference and events suite and a major gym/leisure complex. Lots of things are changing for the better at the hotel; not only the refurbishment plans but also the management style. My family have always run our luxury hotel and have been very hands on.

I am also a Director of the Greenbank Hotel in Falmouth. When I have any spare time I enjoy the outdoors; climbing, surfing and sailing amongst other hobbies. I’ve earned a Master Practitioner in NLP and find the subject fastenating. I am currently studying towards an MBA at Bath University.I have 3 children with my wife Laura who are in their teens. It shall not be long before they start helping out at the hotel for their pocket money!

I look forward to welcoming new guests and welcoming back the many familiar faces. The Penventon Management team has a combined 365 years of catering and hospitality experience; quite an achievement! On that note, I shall introduce the team!



Mark Pascoe


Mark Pascoe is Director of the Penventon along with brother Aaron. David Pascoe’s eldest son has been a director for 20 years and in this time has designed and built our on site Nightclub ‘The Zone’. Having previously run four nightclubs, Mark now only runs two and the hotel club in Cornwall ‘The Zone’ which has won South West Nightclub of the Year award twice!
Our onsite sports bar was re-opened in 1992 and named ‘The Spice of Life.’ Mark runs both the hotel pub and club and can be contacted on the details below.

Mark on Mark Pascoe:

  1. How would you describe Penventon?: “A traditional 3 star family run hotel in Cornwall constantly striving to raise standards to the best that we can achieve”
  2. Favourite drink: “Gin and Tonic’
  3. 3 words to describe yourself: “Dedicated, responsible and passionate”
  4. Interesting fact about yourself: “I was a Sotheby’s trained auctioneer before becoming Director of the Penventon”
  5. Favourite pastimes: “Coaching and encouraging my children in their sporting activities”
  6. What is happening at Penventon in 2013?: “We will be cementing the Penventon’s reputation and facilities as Cornwall’s luxury hotel and to secure the future of the business and all of the people who rely on it”



Laura Pascoe

HR Manager

Having worked here for 20 years and married to Aaron, Laura is quite literally part of the family! Laura is our HR Manager and also the hotel Health and safety representative.

Should you have any enquiries with regards to staffing issues or health and safety then Laura is the lady to see!

Laura on Laura Pascoe:

  1. What do you enjoy most about your job: “The variety; no two days are the same. There are always fresh challenges to meet”
  2. Which is your favourite bedroom in the hotel and why: “The Poldark Suite. I love it because I helped design and decorate it, choosing the fabrics and the colour schemes”
  3. Favourite drink: “Champagne”
  4. 3 words to describe yourself: “Compassionate, friendly, sensitive”
  5. Favourite pastimes: “Reading, holidays and computer adventure games”
  6. Favourite TV Programme: “Grays Anatomy”



Paul Ricketts

Deputy General Manager

Deputy General Manager Paul is a key member of the team. Responsible for all hotel operations and customer fulfilment Paul deals with all customer feedback. Being the only male in an all female office ensured us he was capable of any challenge thrown at him; in fact we think he secretly enjoys it! Paul is also very hands on with the Green Team and can be contacted reference any issues regarding this as he is extremely passionate about saving the planet!

Paul can be contacted at any time on the details below and always appreciates and responds to any feedback.

Paul on Paul Ricketts:

  1. 3 words to describe yourself: “Confident, Approachable, witty”
  2. Favourite dish on the menu: “Fillet Diane ”
  3. What do you love most about your job: “Being in a position that allows me to make positive changes”
  4. Recommended wine: “Shiraz Rocheburg”
  5. Interesting fact about yourself: “my little sister is the British and commonwealth kickboxing champion but is currently taking some time out to have a little baby girl “
  6. Favourite pastimes: “Spending time with my son “
  7. What can be expected at Penventon for 2013: “We are working on an increase on standards and customer care and will be focusing on improving our restaurant offering now that we have a new Executive Head Chef!”

01209 203137

Ryland Allan

Head Chef

Our Head Chef, Ryland Allan, is a true Cornishman with a passion for the fine produce on offer in our county from land and sea.

  1. How would you describe food at the Penventon?: “comprehensive and well thought out”
  2. What is the Penventons secret ingredient?: “The produce. Knowing where the food comes from, which farms etc is key for us. The quality of the food is the most important part”
  3. Recommended dish from the menu: “any of the flambé dishes”
  4. Favourite drink?: “a good bottle of wine, well selected to compliment the food”
  5. What is your favourite pastime?: “spending time with my family, when I’m not in the kitchen that is!”
  6. What do you enjoy most about your job?: “working with a really talented team, that care about every aspect of the produce and dishes, from creation to being placed in front of the diner”

01209 203000


Nigel Jeffery

Reception Manager

Our Reception Manager Nigel is a great team leader. We are regularly praised on our reception team and they are very much like a family! Nigel has been at the hotel for 15 years and has run the reception team successfully for 8 years.

Nigel is in charge of all accommodation, group bookings and reception matters. He can be contacted at any point on the details below.

Nigel on Nigel Jeffery:

  1. What is the best bit about managing a team: “Seeing the staff get a buzz from meeting targets. I work with a great team; I respect them a lot as they do me. We are all very good friends”
  2. Favourite drink: “Gin and Tonic”
  3. 3 words to describe yourself: “Positive, pro-active and motivated – I love a challenge!”
  4. What do you love most about your job: “I love meeting people; I really couldn’t work without that. I love talking to them. I talk a lot (as most of my staff will tell you!)”
  5. Interesting facts about yourself: “I have had a beard since I was 18 years old and have been married for almost twice as long as that! I also used to run my own business for 20 years; two milk rounds locally for which Ian; our hotel Conference and Events Manager used to be my Saturday boy!”
  6. Favourite pastimes: “Supporting Cornish rugby, walking and cycling”
  7. What is your plan for reception in 2013: “The plan is to improve hospitality and our focus on the customer. We have recently created a Reservations Office where the team can focus on contacting previous customers and ensuring that everyone staying at Penventon is on our Best Available Rate offering better value for money”
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Terry Weeks

Bar Manager

Bar Manager Terry has worked here for 27 years. With an impressive array of wines, liqueurs and Cornish beers, our Cocktail Bar is a perfect place to spend some quality time. With an emphasis on quality, Terry personally selects what we stock and we have some particularly rare liqueurs that are certainly worth trying.

From Pina Coladas to Penventon’s own cocktail; our bar in Cornwall is classic style. All of our bar staff are passionate and each one has their own area of expertise.

Terry on Terry Weeks:

  1. Recommended wine: New Zealand sauvignon blanc.
  2. Liqueur of choice: “Mandarine Napoleon”
  3. How many liqueurs and wines do you stock: “Over 150 wines and 50 liqueurs”
  4. What do you love most about your job: Selecting local products from the great range available.

01209 203000


Ian Croucher

Conference and Events Manager

Our Conference and Events Manager Ian Croucher has been working at the Penventon for 21 years! He is very dedicated and ensures that all requirements are met and everything runs smoothly at all times.
Ian and his team organise weddings, conferences and events and he can be contacted at any time using the phone number or email address below.

Ian on Ian Croucher:

  1. What do you love most about your job: “I meet a lot of people and everyday is different. I am very involved with all aspects of organising and arranging conferences here in Cornwall which means that I am always on the go.”
  2. What is the secret for a perfect wedding: “Preparation! Preparation! Preparation!”
  3. Favourite drink: “Tea”
  4. 3 words to describe yourself: “Outgoing, enthusiastic and dedicated”
  5. Interesting fact about yourself: “I have been married for 8 years to Penventon receptionist Emma”
  6. Favourite pastimes: “Reading, films, computing”
  7. What is next for Penventon: “Each year we set targets for ourselves to better the customer experience. 2012 is the busiest year yet for weddings for the hotel! So it will get even busier! I’m looking forward to a busy year of brides and grooms!”

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Matt Livingstone

Restaurant Manager

Our Restaurant Manager Matt is now in his twelfth year at the Penventon restaurant in Cornwall. Having previously studied Hospitality Management at University and being the Assistant Bar Manager of the Penventon for five years, you’ll find he is a perfect member of staff for recommendations of any sort.

Matt has quickly gained a real reputation for his excellent service and outstanding team, of which he is justifiably proud. Whatever your requirements, nothing is too much trouble. To book a table, hire a private dining room or discuss requirements, please contact Matt on the details below.

Matt on Matt Livingstone

  1. How would you describe the Dining Galleries Restaurant: “It’s an ornate & elaborately decorated fine dining restaurant in Cornwall, serving a combination of classic and contemporary dishes using largely Cornish produce. A lively atmosphere can be expected with friendly & professional staff working to traditional values.”
  2. Recommended dish on the menu: “How many can I have?!? I always have the Parma Ham & Black Pepper Tortelloni to start…but then get stuck choosing a main course – probably Tournedos Rossini or Chicken Duchesse. If I can have a dessert too, then I choose the warm Saffron Bread & Butter Pudding, with crème Anglaise & Cornish Ice Cream. Now I’m hungry!”
  3. Interesting Fact about yourself: “I’ve been playing brass instruments, on / off since the age of 10. I’m currently a member of The Heyl Band, West Cornwall. Are brass bands interesting?? I think so…”
  4. What do you love most about your job: “Love is a strong word, but I guess I’d have to say working with my team, who are a great bunch of people. I enjoy working on designing menus for special occasions and get a real buzz from a busy restaurant, full of people enjoying themselves.”
  5. Career highlight so far: “Being interviewed for a web-site? No perhaps not. Getting my promotion to Restaurant Manager and  working with a great team!”

01209 203000

Sarah BlenesFinancial Controller

Sarah our Financial Controller has worked here for 16 years although she doesn’t look old enough to have been here so long!

Sarah is in charge of sales ledger, purchase ledger and management accounts within the hotel and works from various offices in Cornwall therefore it is preferable to contact her by email as opposed to by telephone.

Sarah on Sarah Blenes:

  1. 3 words to describe yourself: Friendly, enthusiastic and thorough
  2. Favourite food: Chocolate
  3. How would you describe the hotel: a very classic Cornish hotel
  4. Favourite TV programme: Holby City
  5. What do you most enjoy about your job: The relaxed atmosphere; it’s simply a lovely family run hotel to work for!











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